Situated in the heart of the Durbanville Wine Valley, which is blessed with gentle slopes and cooled by maritime breezes, is a family-owned and operated boutique wines cellar that produces handmade wines.  Nitida works with nature and thereby ensuring that the wine embodies the attitude, devotion, passion, and aspiration of Nitida.

“We believe that beautiful wines come from day to day thoughtful management in the vineyards.

Semillon 2022

Detectable dried fig and apricot effortlessly intertwine with honey and the zest of fresh cut lemons and oranges. Just the slightest touch of oak gives this wine the perfect finish. Best paired with excellent company and Duck a l’Orange.

Calligraphy 2018

Deep, dark, and voluptuous – This full-bodied blend entices you with black currant and ripe mulberry flavours that beautifully balance the boldness of oak on the palate. Cabernet Franc makes its presence known, giving it that spicy character. Complimented by a pairing with sirloin steak, served with wild mushrooms.

Wild Child 2021

This oaked Sauvignon Blanc plays with a fun montage of white peach and dehydrated strawberry flavours, ending with blackcurrant lingering on the finish. Floral aromas entice your senses. Each sip awakens a hint of toasted tobacco leaves, making it the perfect pairing to a Thai Green Curry or Moroccan spiced risotto.

Golden Orb Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Bottle-aged Sauvignon Blanc at its best. The Golden Orb shows off its voluptuous, full palate with pineapple, litchi & white peaches, and light touches of herbs and citrus. A phenomenal food wine, perfectly paired with pork fillet on a bed of creamy mushroom risotto.

Coronata Integration 2018

Named after the beautiful protea, P. Coronata, the Semillon in the blend represents the yellow core of the flower that is cupped by the green petals that represent the Sauvignon Blanc in the blend. Barrel fermented Semillon (48%) gives this blend a smooth palate, merging seamlessly with the crisp Sauvignon Blanc (52%,) coming through with notes of lime cordial and hints of fresh coconut on the finish. The velvety feel of this wine begs to be paired with a rich and creamy mushroom risotto.

Semillon 2021

Eyes closed, you’ll imagine freshly baked scones, topped with melted butter and marmalade. The rich, creamy, gorgeous mouth feel is enhanced by yellow hay, orange peel & dried apricots. Excellent with wok fried prawns in a lemon butter sauce on a bed of risotto.

Riesling 2021

Earthy, herbaceous and ­filled with personality. Cape Jasmine, dried apricot and honeysuckle linger as you lazy away in front of a cosy fireplace. This Riesling’s aromatic subtlety, racy acidity and gracious aging potential, makes this a stand-out varietal that truly reflects the Nitida terroir.

Sauvignon Blanc 2021

A whimsical composition of white peaches, passion fruit, and blackcurrant intertwine with orange, apricot, and granadilla, adding to your ever-growing curiosity to discover the hidden layers of its full mouthfeel. Divine when paired with classic, chicken Cordon Bleu.

Pinot Noir 2020

On introduction an impression of red fruit and herbs. With better acquaintance oak, cherries and Liquorice wrapped up in a thought of caramel. Elegant & voluptuous. Share the experience with Cassia-style pork dumplings.

Calligraphy 2019

A harmonious composition, melodies of luscious red fruit, rich dark chocolate and warm sticky toffee pudding. This warm wine comes to life when paired with Seared Beef Brisket in Bourguignon sauce and the crackling of a cozy fire in the distance.

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