Roberston Valley

Silverthorn Wines is a small estate of 10.8 hectares, beautifully positioned on the banks of the Breede River in the Robertson Valley.  The wonder of the farm lies in its extraordinary terroir, with a high concentration of limestone running through the predominant shale soils & its ready access to good water. Hot summers & cold winters also create optimal conditions for our vines.

Silverthorn Wines is among only a handful of producers who have dedicated their expertise solely to the production of this elegant style of wine. We are a proud member of the Cap Classique Association, an independent organisation which collectively supports and markets Cap Classique wines, and of course a member of the prestigious Cape Winemakers Guild.  Silverthorn’s terroir, with its rocky, lime-rich, shale soils similar to the famous Champagne soils in France coupled with our mature Chardonnay vineyards ensure Silverthorn’s entry into the world of sparkling wine.

Our primary aim is to continue to produce some of the finest South African sparkling wines.

River Dragon

Dragons exist in the realm of magic, but their origins are grounded by our collective fascination and curiosity in nature. Perhaps inspired by dinosaurs, there is a rich and ancient history of dragons throughout the world. Draco Africanus, the majestic African Dragon, is alleged to have spent its time whimsically flying and “skywriting” with smoke. Benevolent, wise and powerful, the ‘River Dragon’ of Silverthorn appears eternally silhouetted against the River Without End Mountains. A 100% Colombar bubbles, with a vibrant green hue and a fine twirling bead of bubbles. The nose has vibrant aromas of chamomile blossom and thatch complimented by subtle stone fruit and tropical notes. It is well balanced on the palate with an elegant structure, fine mousse which imparts a gentle explosion of bubbles on the palate and a long finish.

The Green Man 2019

Half human, half nature, the Green Man is an ancient mythical figure representing the spirit of the forest, the continuous regeneration of life and the interdependence of all things. He has appeared throughout the ages from as far afield as ancient Babylon, India, Borneo and Nepal, to abbeys and cathedrals all over Europe. He manifests in many forms, most commonly as a semi-human, foliate head, representing the fusion of man and nature. In his modern guise, The Green Man has appeared under a new name – Ecology. It is this spirit, as well as the delicate green hue of Silverthorn’s Chardonnay Cap Classique, that inspired winemaker John Loubser to break with traditional name ‘Blanc de Blancs’ and personify the wine with the name The Green Man. Fromm 100% Chardonnay, this wine has a vibrant green/yellow hue – fine twirling bead of bubbles. Fresh aromas of green apple and acacia blossom backed up by subtle hints of minerality and whiffs of freshly baked brioche. The palate is well balanced with an elegant structure, fine mousse which imparts a gentle explosion of bubbles on the palate and a long finish.

The Genie

Richly entwined in Arabian folklore, Genies are best described as free-willed spirits formed from smokeless fire. Capable of using their power to create either magic or mischief, Genies were popularised in the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights. Traditionally, Rosé Champagne is made from two red varieties, namely Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. With Silverthorn The Genie we broke the rules. Embracing the free-willed spirit of the Genie, we opted for something far more daring and exotic, and used Shiraz, an ancient grape variety, originating from Persia. The results have been pure magic! A 100% Shiraz Cap Classique that has a bright onion skin color and fine twirling bead of bubbles. The nose is an exotic bouquet of Turkish delight and rose water, with a palate of fresh raspberries and sherbet flavors supported by a velvety texture, fine mousse and lengthy finish.

Jewel Box 2017

Jewel Box is inspired by our ethos of Afropean synergy, combining old world European heritage and knowledge; and our contemporary African environment and culture. The sheer magnificence of star gazing on countless camping expeditions throughout Southern Africa has left a delightfully indelible memory. Staring up in an almost trance like state and observing the regular bursts of shooting stars, the unending traffic of satellites and the slow shift of the constellations as time passes is truly incredible. The Southern Cross, or Crux, is the best known constellation in the southern hemisphere’s skies, and also our favourite. It gave early explorers their bearings when traveling the southern oceans. Hidden within Crux is a fascinating deep-sky object known as Kappa Crucis. Regarded as one of the finest open clusters in the Milky Way galaxy, it was discovered by Nicolas Louis Lacaille, in South Africa, in 1751. Kappa Crucis took its nickname, “Jewel Box”, from noted English astronomer Sir John Herschel, who plotted the southern skies on a four-year visit to Cape Town in the 1830s. He referred to it as “a casket of variously colored precious stones”. The Jewel Box cluster consists of approximately 100 vibrant stars made up of a mixture of sparkling super-giants, brilliant reds and blues intermingled with yellows and whites. Made from Chardonnay (71%) and Pinot Noir (29%), the wine has a light straw yellow appearance with elegant fine bubbles. The nose is a complex aromas of roasted almonds, marzipan and subtle hints of strawberry and cherry compote followed by zesty citrus nuances. The palate is dry, rich and full, with soft toasty creaminess with a beautiful palate weight.

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