An organic vineyard, Laibach is committed to producing wines of outstanding quality, that best reflect the unique terroir and the microclimate of the Simonsberg ward near Stellenbosch.  At the beginning of this century the vineyards were gradually to organic farming.

The question of agricultural sustainability may not be fully answered with organic farming practices, but it’s a great start. The elimination of toxic agricultural chemicals may reverse the pollution of our surface and groundwater supplies, save the farm workers from certain chronic maladies and even spare wildlife some hideous malformations.

The reduction of highly soluble synthetic fertilizers may reduce yields in some crops for a time, but through soil building practices, like recycling of manures and other wastes through composing, and the revitalization of soil with organic matter, we try to create soils capable of sustaining production levels without sacrificing economic concerns.

We see ourselves as traditionalists.  We make wine with minimal intervention to show what the special Simonsberg-Stellenbosch deep red soils (Clovelly and Glenrosa) can produce.  On the whole farm we use little irrigation, and we rely on our deep clay soil to keep the roots cool and happy.

The Ladybird White 2020

A chardonnay-based blend, the 2020 is one of the best vintages we have ever experienced. Light straw colour. Aromas of hay, pineapple and white peach are very prominent on the bouquet. The palate is fresh with a lovely creamy texture, with a fruit salad explosion of flavour. Medium bodied with no real wood flavour at all and a long lingering aftertaste. Enjoy with food or any social occasion.

The Ladybird Red 2018

Deep dark colour. A classic blend of noble varieties, crafted from “dry land” low-yielding Organic Vineyards in Stellenbosch. Full-bodied with lovely tannins, exceptional fruit, and a long lingering finish. Complex, structured, and age worthy.

Chenin Blanc Sur Lie - 2020

Light straw colour. A potpourri of flavours with white nectarine, pineapple, yellow apple and dried herbs. The palate is rich, velvety with an amazing aftertaste. Long, with a lovely balanced lingering lemon and lime like acidity. It begs to be opened, but this wine will age gracefully and got enough structure and complexity to last 6 – 10 years. Enjoy.

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